Check out “Zero” from the band’s 1st acoustic DVD
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DrsinacusticoAbout to release their first acoustic DVD in honor of their 30-year career, Dr. Sin is proud to release another video single from this new work. The track chosen by Andria Busic (vocals and bass), Ivan Busic (drums) and Thiago Melo (guitar) was “Zero”, song from the album “Insinity”, one of the favorites by the fans. With pre-sale starting on July 15th (Saturday), the work will be released on July 28th by Animal Records. The fan can also buy a special and limited box with DVD and CD, mug, pick, popcorn bucket and t-shirt on the 4Fun website (box will only be sold until July 28th).

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According to Ivan Busic, Dr. Sin, “Zero” was an easy choice as it was a fan and band favorite:

“The track Zero is very emblematic mainly because it is from a very special album for us and for the fans. She has that Dr. Sin very strong, with catchy melodies and emotional lyrics. It has been requested a lot in all these years by the fans for us to play live. It’s one of the songs on this DVD that has just the band, no guest appearances, and it shows the unity we have live. Fans who like this song will be able to see and hear it in a new guise.”

For Thiago Melo, guitarist for Dr. Sin, “Zero” was a special choice to be released as a single:

“The song ‘Zero’ is a Dr. Sin, from the album “Insinity”, one of my favorites from the band. It has an arrangement and riff originally influenced by Celtic music, which blends very well with the acoustic elements. It was a song that fit very well in this format. Everything turned out beautifully, as the melodies, despite being complex, were very elegant on the guitar. I managed to keep everything original and that sounded great on acoustic. It was really cool to see her with these acoustic arrangements. Fans will love it!”

About the Acoustic DVD:

Formed by Andria Busic (vocals and bass), Ivan Busic (drums and vocals) and Thiago Melo (guitar and vocals), Dr. Sin is known for his infectious energy and impressive musical abilities. The band’s classics got a breathtaking acoustic look and Andria, Ivan and Thiago put on an emotional and historic show that celebrates Dr.Sin’s thirty years.

The band had the honor of having the artist and friend Marco Bavini (voice, guitar, baritone guitar, Duplo and viola) as a fourth element, enhancing even more the arrangements in the acoustic versions. The show was recorded at Teatro J.Safra, in São Paulo, with an extremely elaborate production. The band had the very special participation of Eduardo Ardanuy, the guitar legend and member of the original formation, the incredible Rafael Bittencourt from the band Angra, the pianist Juliana D’Agostini embellishing the show with her unmistakable classical piano and the magnificent orchestra by conductor Bartolomeu Vaz.

With a history of iconic festivals like Rock in Rio, Hollywood Rock, M2000 Summer Concerts, Live n Louder, Skol Rock, Monsters of Rock and shows with bands like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Pantera, Ian Gillan, Bon Jovi, ACDC, Glenn Hughes, Kiss, Dr. Sin is one of the biggest names in Brazilian Hard Rock worldwide.

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